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Online Gambling Glossary-O

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Odds - The amount a bet pays off. For example, 10 to 1, 3 to 1, 30 to 1, etc.

Off - Term used for losing bets.

Off-Track Betting - Betting by persons not present at a race track.

On Tilt - Negative reaction to a losing poker hand, resulting in poor judgement.

One-Roll Bet - In Craps, a bet that will win or lose depending on one roll of the dice.

Open - In Poker, the player who bets first.

Outside Bet - In Roulette, a bet placed on the outside of the table in which 12 or 18 numbers are bet on at a time. Opposite of Inside Bet.

Overlay - A bet in which the player has an advantage over the casino.

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