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Paint - Same as a Face Card. A King, Queen, or Jack of any suit.

Palette - Tool usually used by the dealer in Baccarat to move cards on the table.

Pass - To not bet. To fold.

Pass Line - In Craps, the area of the table in which a Pass Line Bet is placed.

Pass Line Bet - In Craps, a bet made prior to the Come Out Roll that the Point will repeat.

Pat - In Draw Poker, a hand that doesn't need any more cards. In Blackjack, a hand worth at least 17 points but not exceeding 21.

Payline - The line on a slot machine where symbols must line up.

Payoff - The return paid on a winning wager.

Payoff Odds - The different odds accorded to different bets in casinos, with different payoff values.

Payout Percentage - The percent of each dollar played in a slot machine or video poker that is programmed to be returned to the player.

Payout Table - A posting that tells the player what a winning hand will pay.

Pigeon - A naive gambler. Slang.

Pit - An area of a casino where table games are arranged around a central area that is reserved for dealers and casino employees.

Pit Boss - A casino employee who oversees the Pit as a superviser of the entire area.

Pit Manager - Somewhat different from a Pit Boss. A Pit Manager deals with any problems and enforces casino policy.

Player - A gambler in a casino.

Playing the Rush - A term for a poker player who has won a large amount of money in a short amount of time.

Plug - A shuffling technique commonly used in Blackjack.

Pocket Cards - In Poker, cards dealt face-down.

Poker - A card game with many variations in which players attempt to arrange a winning hand according to each individual game's rules.

Point - In Craps, the number rolled on a Come Out Roll IF it's a 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10. For a Pass Line Bet to win, the point must be repeated before the shooter rolls a 7.

Pot - In Poker, the amount of money that accumulates in the middle of the table. The pot goes to the winner of the hand.

Press - To increase a bet by two. To Let It Ride.

Probability - A mathematical calculation that establishes the likelihood of any event occurring.

Progression Betting - A kind of betting in which the size of the bet is changed according to a set formula.

Progressive - A slot machine with an increasing jackpot. Opposite of a Flat Top.

Proposition Bet - In Craps, a dice bet placed on number combinations.

Punch Board - Lottery-style game in which a player punches out a slot for a chance to win a cash or merchandise prize.

Punter - Another name for Player.

Punto Banco - Another name for Baccarat.

Push - A tie between a player and a dealer. Money is usually returned in the event of a push.

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