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Online Gambling Glossary-R

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Rack - A container used to carry chips or tokens in a casino.

Rake - A fee charged by the house for a round of poker, usually calculated by percentage.

Rank - In poker, the value of a hand of cards.

Rated - Term applied to players of a high skill level.

RFB - Room, Food, and Beverages. See Comps.

Riffling - A commonly used shuffling process in which two halves of a deck are intermixed by the dealer.

Right Bettor - In Craps, a person betting on the Pass Line.

River - In Poker, the name of the final card dealt in a hand.

Round - One cycle of a game and all the bets that are placed during that cycle. A round varies depending on the game. In Roulette, a round is one spin of the wheel. In Poker, a round is everything from the time initial bets are placed to the time when a winner has been determined.

RVP - Recreational Vehicle Parking.

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