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Online Gambling Glossary-W

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Wager - A bet.

Washing - A shuffling technique in which the dealer spreads the cards on the table and mixes them in a manner resembling washing. The dealer then proceeds to shuffle the cards in a more traditional manner.

Whale - Name given to an extremely high roller, someone who gambles thousands of dollars on single bets.

White Meat - Another name for profit. Slang.

Wild Card - A card that can be used to complete a hand in card games. Usually a joker.

Wired Cards - In poker, a Pair, Trips, or Four of a Kind dealt back-to-back in one hand.

Working - In Craps, a term used to signal that bets are in play.

World Bet - In Craps, a one-roll bet on the Horn, including the seven.

Wrong Bettor - In Craps, a player betting on the Don't Pass Line.

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